Monday, October 7, 2013

Praise for 'The Last Page'.

Guys, I´d like to reunite here, some e-mails and comments I believe that help me feel better about this endeavor (this blog) and to showcase to newcomers that it possess readers and followers. 

So, I´m going to choose and regularly update this with personal e-mails, comments, and general feedback I receive from those that read what I write - the very reason why this blog still exists. 

So here it goes. (Real names are kept undisclosed until I´m authorized to display them in full).


I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I check your blog daily and I am always thrilled when I find a new article there because I know I am in for a treat.  You always have something thought provoking to say and you say it well. Keep it up as long as you can. You do have readers. Even if we are normally silent.

By D. Spurlock (from e-mail).


Hi Shadow

Just wanted to send you a quick 'thanks' for your blog, which is one of my favourite sites now.  Along with Jim's blog and Say No To Life, I think of it as one of the 'jewels' of the internet and look forward to reading more of your posts.

After reading Jim's book and Ligotti's Conspiracy Against the Human Race last year and thinking on what they had to say, it was clear me that yes, there is something terribly wrong with thrusting sentient life into being.  I am a vegan (or at least, I try to be) and antinatalism seems to me to be a logical companion to veganism and animal rights/welfare, in seeking to reduce suffering.

Today I decided it was time I started contributing to the antinatalist blogosphere, which - like you, and others have noted - tends to be a more openminded and less ego-driven environment than the YouTube antinatalist set.  I'm heartened by so many of the comments I read, from the blog authors and your readers.

At some point, I might start a blog too. Every day I find myself wanting some way of exposing the madness of this sometimes beautiful, always brutal, hellhole.

If you would consider switching your comments function back on, I promise to contribute! I only signed up to Blogger today, so that I could start commenting.

(From the same reader, a couple of days afterwards):

Hey Rafael! Hope you are doing ok and the exams have been going alright for you.  Just wanted to say a quick thanks for turning on your comments again.  I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and promise to respond!

Have been quite busy here, so have not yet managed to create a blog, but I am going to start writing things offline and maybe upload them sometime.  I will continue to read yours, Karl's, Sister Y and Jim's blogs though. They really are a breath of fresh air.  One thing I really like about your blog is that it is non-dogmatic.  I don't have any specific 'religious' beliefs, but like you and Karl I feel that 'genuine' religion can have something useful to contribute to antinatalist discourse.  Well done for not bowing to the atheist mullahs!

All the best.

By A. Blake (from e-mail).


Hi Raf,

I want you to know that I check your blog at least weekly. I understand and respect your reasons for disabling comments. If you change your mind, that's fine too.

You hit the nail on the head, though. Sometimes, I just don't know what to say... but inspiration does occasionally strike if something speaks to me. Other times, I can be so depressed that I just don't want to say anything for fear that I might not be thinking clearly. Over the last several years, the things that really speak to me are within the realm of Gnosticism and related subjects. That's the biggest reason that I noticed both your and Karl's blogs. I've always pursued spirituality in a way that goes beyond the ignorant collectivist mindset. It's the only way I can cope.

Nothing on your blog annoys me. It never hurts to ask for money or opinions. Never hurts to change things up just because you feel like it either! You're an insightful individual and I do value that. Looking forward to reading your thoughts as time goes on :)

Your friend,

By G. Temple (from e-mail).


Hi Shadow, it's since last year that I read your thoughts. It is always stimulating. It happens that mee too, in those days, is reading about universe and its weirdness and looming disregard on our behalf. Not only Lovecraft was on this subject tough. I really love an italian poet (which maybe you know) called Giacomo Leopardi: his poems about the harshness of "mother nature" and his feelings regarding the blind universe are much the same of what you were trying to express! 
Keep writing and thinking!
Doctor M.


Shadow, thanks for the plug for the blog, my friend. Much appreciated.

Your post is one of the most thoughtful and well-thought out I've read on Antinatalism generally. I think you capture the dilemmas facing the antinatalist position very well. I guess the problem is that people will just keep on going for no real reason, investing in some vague, ill-defined hopes for "the future". When you've been brainwashed from infancy up, through parents, peers, school, media and so on to think that everything is wonderful I guess it's difficult to break out of the mould. It took me many years working through my philosophical development to arrive at an anti-natalistic position. Now looking around the planet, I feel like I'm trapped in the madhouse!

By K. W.


Dear Shadow,

I hope you don't mind me emailing you, but I thought it would be more appropriate rather than commenting on one of your posts. I started reading your blog along with Karl's blog recently, and I've been so impressed and moved by how you articulate the insane problems that beset human beings on all sides . . . and of course your defense of the antinatalist ethic is extremely eloquent. People like yourself make me less ashamed to be a part of the human race. At any rate, I'm slowly giving up my lurker status and will occasionally post (as "E.M. Mouse") - I hope you know that there's probably a lot of other people like myself who read your blog (along with other antinatalist blogs) with great interest and respect, but don't necessarily post out of shyness, etc. 

If you don't mind, I have a question for you. In your FAQ section, you say that English is not your first language. This was mind-boggling to me! I can't believe you can write so well about such difficult subjects in a second language. I recently graduated from college with a major in Japanese . . . since I have no other skills that are useful to the working world, I plan to try to use Japanese to make a living as a translator (or some similar language-related job). The problem is, even after 5 years, I still struggle with the language - and while I can get my point across, I couldn't make the kind of sustained, logical, eloquent discourse that you make repeatedly on your blog, even if my life depended on it! So, my question is - how on earth did you get so good? Do you have any tips to get to the advanced stage you're at? I've tried various methods, but I feel like I'm groping in the dark . . . should I just read as many novels as I can with a dictionary? Or should I even try to memorize large tracts of the dictionary? Do I study grammar books? I've tried all sorts of absurd things, and they usually end in failure. :-( Anyway, I know that this is a really unrelated and strange question (completely unrelated to antinatalism!), but I couldn't help but be curious about your methods after reading your blogspot. 

Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for all your hard work on your blog. It is reassuring to know that not everyone on our planet is a worthless, cruel, unthinking ape. I imagine you're very busy, so don't worry about getting back to me - but if you ever have the time, I would deeply appreciate a response. Thank you. All the best, -

By E.M. Mouse. (S.Sikand)


Dear Mr. Tages,

No words can express my gratitude for this post. I have been suffering from extreme disappointment at having wasted my life and never making something of myself, like getting a good job and having a nice car, as modern society defines success. But when I read this brilliant post, I realized the true problem, that EXISTENCE ITSELF IS THE PROBLEM.

Just recently I attended the funeral of a prominent businessman in the US. He had big architectural projects in the downtown area and made millions of dollars. He was at his computer one morning and died of a heart attack. He left 4 small children, who will now suffer the pain of bereavement at such a tender age. I saw his corpse sitting in the casket during the visitation, and was amazed that this once "great" man, with his wealth, women and wonderful luxuries, has now been reduced to a mass of decaying cells. Now his ego and arrogance has been extinguished forever.

Nothing matters, absolutely nothing. I am a determinist and I am very grateful that the causal factors that govern my life led me to antinatalism, so that I may spare my offspring from the burden of existence, and also to share in the digital company of genuine thoughtful sentient beings like yourself, Mr. Tages.

Thank you.

A fellow complex of carbon-based molecules

By Anonymous (on the comment section).


Mr. Tages,

You are the epitome of intellectual honesty and integrity. Your blog is a refuge from the horrendous stupidity and evil that saturates the world. I am grateful that it was cosmically determined that I would be an antinatalist, so that I can spare countless generations of the futility of existence, and more importantly, that I can have the splendid opportunity to learn from your wisdom. 

By Anonymous


My dear friend, Mr. Tages,

In a world increasingly dominated by cruelty and injustice you are a source of inspiration and courage to me. No matter what suffering the future may hold for me, I find strength in knowing that there are valiant warriors like yourself who can stare unflinchingly into the eyes of despair.

I would like to humbly invite you to my blog

and would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom.

Thank you,

Still Learning


I already want to say a million thanks for all that visit me, and write me directly from the soul, like that. Many thanks, friends.


  1. i'm not good at writing, so: never ever give up. good stuff. never in my life i felt so strongly connected to people as to AN-folks.

    1. Thanks man. Feels good to have your support and I understand the feeling about An-folks.

      Here´s to us all. Cheers.

  2. I visit the AN blogosphere daily and also wish to thank you for your many contributions to the community. I am always aware of your updates as i keep an eye on the blogroll :). I should contribute more but i find myself lacking anything meaningful to add to the discussion (i am generally a silent observer type in personality).

    Cheers to everyone

    - ad

  3. It's a great blog shadow and a great contribution to the AN community. Many times you have expressed things so well that I have felt inside but haven't been able to put into words. Your blog has been a great resource as I educate myself in antinatalism hoping one day to contribute to the AN community as well.


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