Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is my FAQ section. It contains Frequenty Asked Questions. It is not a complete, but a resumed list of questions and answers, and it may be updated in the future. 


1. I don´t know anything about this. What the hell is antinatalism?

Ok, first of all, go to the wiki entry. Then try and read stuff by people mentioned there. After that, come here and try to read my posts. Or you can skip it all and read the posts here and in the blog list. My tip is: go after the knowledge. It´s all out there in the open.

2. What are some more well known books on the subject?

Well, there are many very good books on the subject out there. I don´t like to try and cite them all here, because I´m afraid I can leave out any other book that deserved being cited. But to cite only three: Emil Cioran´s The trouble with being born, David Benatar´s Better Not to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence,  Jim Crawford´s Confessions of an Antinatalist, and Thomas Ligotti´s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. In portuguese I can point my book, A última filosofia: Um ensaio sobre o antinatalismo, and Porque Te Amo Não Nascerás, por Júlio Cabrera e Thiago Lenharo di Santis. 

There are many many others that deal with the subject at hand perfectly. To know more, you have to search about it. Try begin reading my blog, for instance.

3. Are you an anarchist?

No. In fact, to put it shortly, I believe the State is the last defense humanity has against the forces of chaos on a large scale. It is said that our States are not what they should be, but nevertheless what we have is better than having nothing. In this sense, I´m not an anarchist  at all.

4. Are you a nihilist?

I can say that I´m a nihilist in the sense that everything that I´ve seen so far I don´t actually believe in, with the exception of the idea that we should avoid suffering. In this sense, I´m not a pure nihilist, but I imagine that no one can be a pure nihilist in the strict sense without being dead. But I find that nihilism is interesting and has lots of good points to offer regarding our approach on the world and ourselves.

5. How often do you update the blog?

I try to do it weekly, around the end of the week (friday, saturday), but sometimes I´m not able to. It kinda reminds our existence, in which we sometimes have a plan, but are not able to stick to it entirely. In any case, I would advise everyone that wants to follow the posts to subscribe to the blog through e-mail (search the left side bar) to receive the latest updates in a personal e-mail account.

One more thing, if I´m ever gone for around 5 years, with no more updates, and with no clear notice that I´ve closed the blog officially, I´m probably dead or incapacitated and couldn´t make it to a proper ending of this website.

6. OMG! Your english is horrible! How can you 'destroy' the english language like this?

Well, I´m sorry if you ever feel I´m not exactly a scholar in the english language, that´s because it´s not my first language, nor have I ever gone abroad to learn it. All my english is 100% learnt at home and courses, and I actually pride myself on it. But of course, I can make mistakes, this is due to:
1) Rapid and anxious writing - I like to write as fast as I can, so I don´t lose the train of thought.
2) Almost no proof read - No one proof reads this website, which could theoretically diminish the eventual language errors.
3) Not enough 'mastery' of the language - due to not being my first and native language, it is possible that, when deviating from the more common, official way of using it, or when delving into technical aspects, I may lose track of the corret form of the idiom. I also haven´t completely immersed myself in another country for full experience of the language, so that may also be the cause of some minor mistakes.

Anyway, I have no intentions of "destroying" (misusing) the english language - or any language whatsoever.

7. My comment is not appearing in any way. I post it, but it doesn´t seem to get to the comments section. Why is that?

Well... if it is not a problem with the blogger system, your browser, or anything of this sort... then I´m sorry to inform that, plain and simply, your comment was not accepted. If this is the case, then your comment was, most likely one of the below:

a) Offensive;
b) Irrelevant to the issue debated;
c) Contradictory and/or nonsensical;
d) Nebulous and/or vague;
e) All of the above;

I´m not afraid of comments that correct me in one or more instances, but if you are just trying to be insulting, then you just wasted your time commenting, because it won´t be going to the comments section. Sorry about that. If you want to debate, please do so, in an urban manner, and your comment will be read upon and debated, if you really want to do so. If you just want to ruffle up some feathers, than I´m also not going to allow your comment to be on.

Plain and simple, got an honest query, want to orderly debate something, please go ahead and comment. Otherwise, just... don´t. 
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