Monday, April 26, 2010

How to support

There are many ways to support the blog. One can comment here, share the content, and become an awesome individual. That alone is support enough.
However, if you find that, for any number of reasons, you want (and most of all, you can) to help me financially, you can always donate.

About donations -
To donate, you can go to the button on the left bar (end). Or if possible, make a deposit in my account (which you can ask by e-mail), or even yet send me a check by mail (if you feel comfortable with the idea). 
How much to donate?
Any amount will do. If you donate 5 (five) cents it´s already good. You can donate any amount, or separate  it by years - I figure than any year worth of posts should be around 3 (three) to 5 (five) dollars - it´s just an idea, but if it serves to help than it´s all good.  But any value is already good, and if you don´t want or can´t donate, it´s fine, everyone is welcome, always.


You can always also buy books from my bookstore, which is affiliated with Amazon, and a small amount of your purchase will revert to me. This, above, is the link in which you´ll find all the info you need.

The link for the bookstore is this.

Many thanks.

Cheers to all.  

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