Monday, April 26, 2010

What is this blog about?

This blog is about a lot of things, but mainly it is about how life sucks - which can be described philosophically as pessimism -  and the only noble conclusion we can reach from it - which is antinatalism. So both pessimism and antinatalism are the main topics of this blog, but that does not preclude other topics in philosophy, such as existencialism, epistemology, moral and logic debates, and so on.

And what is antinatalism?
Antinatalism is a philosophical concept. Etymologically, it is a result of the union of 'anti-', greek prefix meaning against, and -natalism, which comes from Latin word 'natal', which means birth. Thus the idea is also called 'anti-birth' by some of its advocates. Basically it says that human life (and extending to that, life in general) is not good enough, or profitable enough that everyone should agree automatically in keeping it going. On the contrary, it posits that people should choose to discontinue life, mainly by not partaking in the reproductive act with this intent in mind. If you are interested about the debate, please feel free to peruse the blog posts. 

What this blog is not about? 
This blog is not about violence, and decidly not about physical violence. I do not condone violence, in fact I abhor it. It´s one of the reasons of what I think antinatalism is right. No life means no violence of any kind. This blog is also not an oper war ground. If you came here and find you do not agree with one or some points presented, please do a favor to all involved and let yourself out by clicking the little 'x' button up there in your browser. There´s no need to come here and start a war. Don´t like it? You are free to go.

However, if you do enjoy it, please stick around. You can even make some friends here while at it.

Other than the previous mentioned, the blog might have some reviews of books that deal artistically with dark views about life, with religion, and culture in general, but always with a step on the pessimistic side of the issue, or even in antinatalism itself (understood as a conclusion of pessimistic philosophy). 

Hope you find what you look for here. 


  1. Hello Rafael,

    I recently discovered your blog and book on antinatalism, the most cursed philosophy !

    A few years ago, I wrote a book on the same subject, called “L’art de guillotiner les procréateurs : manifeste anti-nataliste” which means in english : “The art of guillotining procreators : anti-natalist manifesto”

    An extract here :

    If you give me an email adress, I’ll send it to you in attachment, with pleasure.

    If you read french, you might enjoy it.

    I hope your book we’ll be translated in english, I’d be glad to read it !

    Congratulations for your excellent blog : the fight against the fools goes on !

    Friendly greetings,


  2. Hello Mr. Tages
    I wish you could do a really thorough (chapter by chapter?) examination of Julio Cabrera's arguments in his two books:
    Trailer do livro "A Ética e suas Negações" de Julio Cabrera
    Porque te amo, NÃO nascerás! (2009)
    I imagine it would take a lot of blogposts. I think this could make our blog really special and attract a lot of readers.

    Just wishful thinking.

    Anyways, I enjoy your blog and look forward to future blog posts.



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