Thursday, September 18, 2014


I think I´ve been blessed with this blog. It is about everything I wanted to discuss, and the readership and commenters have made me glad more than once

But sometimes I feel that there´s a bit more that can be done for the blog, in various ways. Sometimes I feel that we (pessimists in general), as a community, can be lax towards ourselves. Some of my reasons for thinking that are below:

1) No contact from people like Thomas Ligotti and David Benatar (and many others quoted here frequently). 

I find very odd that many famous people who were mentioned here, and who helped base and form the whole 'movement' antinatalism is today, never once commented or never sent me a mail with so much as a 'howdy'.  I find this very odd, because this website´s URL is, and linked on Jim Crawford´s website, who I gather was at least visited once or twice by pretty much all authors that I cared to name on the subject. 

For example: I like Thomas Ligotti. I enjoy his works a lot. I´ve bought, like 5 books by him. And though I´m not vocal enough about it, David Benatar put antinatalism back in contemporary philosophy. What´s not to like? However they don´t seem to like the website (at least) back, because I haven´t heard from them once. And I wanted to get in touch with them, as I do with all the readers who write to me. 

Contact from people who deal with Lovecraft´s books, etc, would also be nice. Like Thomas Ligotti, Lovecraft was a veritable pessimist. He didn´t care about this world at all. However, those that deal with his texts and heritage in a commercial fashion couldn´t care much to drop me a word every once in a while, when I actively quote the guy AND defend his views here?

Correction here. I used to like Ligotti a lot more, when I thought he was a reclusive who wasn´t going to write or contribute much more. But one of those days I saw one new book about him from someone who I even know and have a link to his blog. All the while, I´m screaming his name here for four years and not one silent 'hello', nothing. 

And to those that think that I should get in touch with them: I have tried and it´s hard. People don´t tell e-mail address, nothing. To reach me has the complexity of droping your fingers on the keyboard on a white board, below the posts. Which is easier?

This goes to all university thinkers and heirs, critics, and etc, from people I actively quote or used to quote more, like Philip Mainlander, Peter Zapffe, E.M. Cioran. 

Where are you all? 

Nada. Nothing. Might as well be screaming into the void (which we are, but still...).

2) Donations.

I get it, nobody is 'making it rain'. You are not, neither am I. But around 4+ years in this blog I´ve only got 2 donations, and the total of both amounted to around 90 dollars, give or take. I don´t remember correctly now. Donations are not supposed to make one rich, but at least they were supposed to help pay for the cost of the venture. Plus, it´s not like I have my own fleet of taxi cars, or a record label. I am a 30 something that has a hard time paying my bills, and if it wasn´t for my immediate family I could theoretically be out on the street.

I know that people that read this blog are a special breed of people and of readership, and one that has its difficulties, adjusting to the world, and jobs, and everything else. I get that. However, I spend the time I have trying to build this website, and taking away all ads, so we can have this special place to discuss and exchange and everything else, far from corporation publicity taking over. I think that when one appreciates something, that is important to them, perhaps giving something back would be nice. I know that we all have our problems, and boy do I know. But let´s be honest for a second. Would it be really, really hard, on anyone to donate like, a dollar a month for a website they enjoy? I guess if you can´t donate what it would amount as a dollar a month (or close to it, make it 50 cents a month for instance) then I should be the one donating to you. Can´t you stop, for instance, drinking a can of coke a month to help me up a bit? Really?

I believe that some think that because I have a donate button on my blog, every month I´m cashing in like a mofo. As if!

Anyway. I know how many people read my blog (at least, the amount of people Google tells me read my blog), and I how many access a month I have (again, the same reference). I know that, if half (nay, a third) of the visitors helped me up with something, even a small almost non-existent amount, it would be awesome as hell. It would help me to even dedicate more time to the blog.

3) Sharing, subscribing, liking the blog on other media.  

You don´t need to donate cheddar: your attention is more than enough, if you donate it. If you like the blog, and don´t feel like donating benjamins, use up a bit of your time, and share the blogposts on Google+, Facebook, or whatever your social media platform of choice. Help spread the word. Have you subscribed yet? Have you clicked the google plus button on the left for instance?

This one. 
I did the math, and it´s impossible that only fifteen people may be able to click the button. I have at least around 7.000 visits monthly. That is around 77 people daily, taking away triple clicks, on a monthly basis. 77 people a day. But only 15 ever (not even after a day!) took their time to click the button there. 

I know that some of the readers are curmudgeons or hermits that don´t like technology and don´t want to appear to Google computers or leave traces on the web. But that´s only a handful. I´m willing to bet that most of my readers have their profiles in social media, and they could share, like and etc. I don´t know if you do it, but going by that button evidence, I´m afraid not a lot do. 

Which is, you know, a bit sad, since I try to make this blog a good space to all. It may not be much, but at least I make an effort. It used to have ads and I took it away, because they were a) ads and they were b) ads. And ads suck. 

And the thanks I get is awesome, don´t get me wrong. I want to frame some of the comments sent personally to me through the blog. They are amazing. But it would be good to have a bit more, for example, about the sharing. I feel this blog - our collective virtual "sweat", should travel the electric rays of the web a little bit faster and I wanted your help to make it so.


Nobody owes anything to anybody. I know that, you know that. Least of all, not the readers of this place.

However, thinking about this issue I realized that one of the differences between pessimists and optimists is that, in general, optimists band together and generally try to help one another, that´s why they thrive.

Churches also work like this: people help the things they value to thrive. Buddhist monks do not work and can only survive through the efforts of their community. People help. And on this site I don´t see much of this kind of help. I didn´t want to make do entirely with donations, obviously, this is not what I mean. This is not what I´m asking. I just wanted to... be recognized. Two donations, that´s it. (and come to think of it, I believe it was actually just one donation). 15 clicks of a button to share content. What?

This website is my work, and I do it because I want to, but it would be nice if it could help me back, in my day to day life, as well. It would be nice if someone liked the blog enough to share 50 cents or even a click of a button, or even a 'howdy' - every once in a while.

Anyway. This is me complaining more about life in general than about anything else. Don´t worry, take what is useful and leave the rest behind.   

Many cheers to all.

This post will have no comment section to avoid the anxiety of answers.

This space will be used later.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We were (f#cking) lied to - Part 2: Doing stuff.

By 'doing stuff' here I mean 'to work'.

This is going to be a follow-up on my first post, so don´t feel imposed to comment on it, if you already did on the first. However, you are always welcome to comment if you want. 

The delay is because I´m feeling very low on energy these days... so. In August I´ve only written one post! But without further ado... 


Man, how crazy it is to work. And by work here I mean what most people understand by work: what is mostly 'work', as society recognizes it.

When I was young, I thought that working would be hard, but not as hard as I have already noticed it to be in my experience. When very young, many of us probably thought that people who didn´t have enough for their survival sure must have been doing something wrong. Of course, this is nowhere near truth, even more so in this day and age. 

Not only that, working per se is not the only thing bad. There are several things wrong with working besides working. There are labor laws that get disrespected, there are bosses that yell at you for no freaking reasons other that they think are entitled to, there is the company using you besides the responsibilities that you should have (using your car, to work related commitments), sometimes we have obnoxious co-workers, sexual harassment (mostly for women), you can get robbed (not paied) thousands upon thousands of minor (and not so minor) things. I used to think that I wasn´t ever going to get yelled at if I never started the yelling first. Some experiences have showed me that this is not the case. 

What I want to say is that work is never just work, most of the time. Working is one of those sentences brought forth by nature that human beings capitalize on, and turn it even worse than it is or should have been. 
Work is necessary for life, unless the robots and machines start doing everything for us. But even so I´m sure nobody is going to have a lot of free time and free stuff when that happens, because machines sure do a lot of things nowadays but we still see a lot of people struggling to do... a lot of stuff. Clearly is not the goal of the Powers That Be that machines work to help create this magnificent utopia wherein we all have food, and property and comfort, and our work related hours are on the low, almost non-existing end. You can be sure that, if that day comes, there´ll still be a lot of people with very few power, because if there´s something the human genre can excel at is at being incredibly petty and unjust. Work may be necessary to life, but working 8+ hours nowadays, (plus commute) under pressure of various kinds, it´s pretty much my definition of the word 'bullshit'. 

But the point is that, to exist, we need to work. Even if we want to live alone, in a cabin in the woods. We need to provide for ourselves, to clean after ourselves... clearly life revolves around work. And that´s fine, I guess. Problem is, work, in this westernized model economy of the world, is pretty much a nightmare. 

For various reasons. There´s a reason why Thomas Ligotti wrote a whole book on work related horror. I bring some evidence, links from here and there. And there. And over there. I could go on, but you catch the drift (oh! let´s not forget about my old post about the anti-suicide nets on China!) Obviously this is not a personal thing, a group or local thing: people hate their jobs, there´s no way around it.

And why? Well, if you follow this blog long enough, you can be sure of the answer: people. 

Sure, working is always taxing on the body, and on the mind, but our work environments could be 1000 times better if people were, you know... interested in actually making them so. As I said, you can actually get robbed (i.e. not paid) in account of your work. I know I was.

And "doing stuff" is having diminishing returns as time goes by. Working hard nowadays doesn´t guarantee anything anymore, for blue collar and white collar working classes alike. 

Anyway. This is not a bashing of the act of work per se, but about how work became this monstrous, most of the times irrational activity in this world that lied to us about it.