Thursday, February 4, 2016

LOL @ Facebook again.

I talked about this before but: 

Facebook people tire me. 

I get into Pessimist/Antinatalist communities there and talk to some folks, and they don´t even know about me or the blog. Some do. But some don´t. 

I´m sorry, but, my blog was one of the first on the web on Antinatalism. Alright? 

So if you don´t know me or my blog, I reserve the right to think you are not very knowlegeable about the subject you are talking about. 

Some don´t even want to know about it. I say, "my blog is this.", and they say: "I´ll look at it later, thanks."

This is maybe my depression talking but here is the deal: 

This blog, although not perfect, and not everyone´s cup of tea, is one of the first there ever was on the subject of antinatalism on the whole web, when it started in 2010. 

And I write on it about 6 years now, crying and spilling my suffering, tears and blood here. 

So a little bit of respect would be swell.

I knew this was going to happen. And people told me about it too. As soon as AN becomes a mass phenomenon, this would be bound to happen. AN is still very young, but already there are lot of people, lot of friction, and a lot of quasi-factions being formed.

In the future, we´ll probably have to move on to small communities of AN and pessimists, with individuals that share more of our views than just this. 

Cheers to all. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A sad day (?) for humanity.

After Chess, there was a game that humans could be proud they could still win against computers. 

The game of Go, or Weiqi, or Baduk. 

If you were new to the game, you still could lose to a computer, but the best human players of this game still won against the top computers. 

Now, we lose at everything else AND the game we didn´t, but now do. 

When you think about it, soon humans won´t be needed anymore even to the system they created. 

So now what?

Indeed. Now what?

Now that computers can win even on the game we thought they couldn't, now what? 

What is left for people?

I think there´s very little left. 

From day one, animals have us beat regarding some physical attributes. Some are faster, stronger, resilient. But minds were supposed to be our thing. We thought about stuff. We reflected. We were smart. 

Now we created computers. And then we are not so smart anymore. 

What is a mind? If mind is just a set of algorithms and instructions, if it´s just about this world of computing and all that, then computers are already our masters. They can do everything we did, and do it better. 

What´s left for humans? What is our place as a species now? 

The nihilistic part of me thinks this is very well deserved for us as a species! 

We are nothing indeed.

But this is telling us something regarding our place in this world now. What´s going to happen? 

If there´s nothing existential, nothing else, for us, as a species, then humans are just a sad, sad excuse for beings right now. 


Many cheers to all.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Zika Virus

A virus that is spreading in Brazil through a mosquito species called Aedes Aegypti, is bringing panic... mainly to people who want to have kids. 
The disease it transmits through its 'bite' is only a minor one in the scale of diseases. A fever, dizziness. Things like that. But since last year, people are becoming aware of an apparent side-effect of this disease. 

People affected with it, be it women or men - tend to have kids with microcephaly. There was a large number of people born with this condition in Brazil and the correlation with the disease and virus seems strong. 

Strongly enough that people are becoming increasingly mad with their governments, when they are recommending that they don´t have more kids. At least until the outbreak of the disease is taken care of. 

But people can't seem to fucking listen to "hey, maybe do not have kids for a year or two" with a relaxed mind, so they are getting angry and it might make governments to move faster to deal with the situation, but as of right now, we have one of the most interesting situations to AN´s ever. 

The time when a mosquito began to make people fear reproducing. 
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