Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You are kidding right?

Let´s take a look at this:

I´ll wait for you to read and then throw up a bit so we can get started. 



Let me pretend to adress the author of the article. What the hell, man. So, after all, we, non-parents, should be taxed. That´s just swell, just icing on the cake. And for what? To create exemptions to people that want to have children. What a marvellous idea, might I add. Why don´t you propose we create tax exemptions for people that spill oil all over the ocean. Maybe they need help, since they are now all out of oil?

First point here: 

This is ludicrous. The world is not IN NEED of human beings. In fact, since you cite new technologies, those are being developed so that the system will in fact need less and less people.

You don´t have to think hard nor have any kind of philosophical inclination to notice that one thing the world needs less is human beings. Any way you cut it. Be it environmentally speaking, or to work as cogs in the machine... or just to get behind them in yet another crowded line in a subway trying to make your way home (to quote a famous song). any way, shape or form you may think of. Maybe, what you are trying to say is that you want some people, people of a certain variety and that possess certain qualities, needed and valued by the System. Now that´s another plan altogether, but that´s not how you are putting it in the article is it?  And this is what I´m saying: bullshit. You don´t want more people either, you want people to be cogs in the System, and the rest may go to hell. 

Second point: 

There´s no need to subsidize what people already do for free and with a passion. In case you haven´t noticed, the world has 7,277,086, 898 people, and rising (that´s 7 billion, 277 million, 86 thousand and 898 people by the time I wrote this post). Only today, it has been documented the birth of over 300.000 people. And counting.

So... what I´m pretty much saying is that, no. The world, be it America, Europe etc., doesn´t need to subsidize and promote birth through tax exemptions. There´s too many people already. And that´s not even considering I´m an antinatalist. That´s considering only what a rational person should say when seeing those numbers. 


Getting really tired of this shit. 

On the other hand, we have this breath of fresh air. 

And one comment on the first article reads:
"Dumbest article I've ever read. Why should I who chose NOT to overpopulate this already overpopulated planet pay more so that people making poor decisions can pay less. If you can't afford to have kids, DON'T HAVE KIDS - simple as that! What a load of crap this article, makes me pissed off really... Man, I swear this world is turning more into Idiocracy by the minute :/"
 Couldn´t have said it better.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

6th of November of 2013 - 1 year since Kirk Neville (Derived Energy) passed away.

Bazompora brought to my attention that today marks 1 year from the recorded date of death of Kirk Neville, the Derived Energy from Youtube. 

I think it´s fitting that this is remembered. I didn´t know him personally, and the exchanges I had with him were fleeting at best. However, when I heard about his passing, I actually felt it like it was happening with someone close to me, and even, to myself. Because I saw his sufferings in my own. Not his specific conditions, of course. But this thing about being an antinatalist, a pessimist of this sort, this feeling of disconnection, of being an outsider, in a lot of senses, all the pain that goes with it. He felt it, and I also feel it, and you (if you are one) do as well. This pain he felt, is also my pain, and I will carry it until my last days here, as did he. Strangely enough, for all the distance, and all the outsideness, this pain connects us in a way. 

Again, I barely exchanged two phrases with the guy. I barely knew him outside the videos he created. I know the lives of the ones reading me right now are full of harm as well, and I know that there are possibly people who read my blog, that are gone now and we didn´t even registered their names, their presences. In this sense, there are lots of things to be remembered, lots of things to be talked about. Registered. But we know one thing though, one year ago, an antinatalist, and a particularly fine one at that, committed suicide. It´s only natural that we, denouncers of injuries, remember this, not only because of his death per se, but for all he went through until he passed through the gate.

Various youtubers talking about it.
I wrote a post on 11/11/2013 about his death.