Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Book coming up... eventually.

Some readers ask me, from time to time, for a book, in the english language. I´d like to first say thanks to these requests, and also to inform that I´m working on one, though it is going a little slow, due to all the unnecessary things we have to just to be alive, I´m sure you all understand what I´m talking about.  Time is a bit thin, but it´ll be done. Just don´t wait up. It may take a while. 

Some parts of the book may be lifted up from the blog, because I intend for this book to be a physical representation of some of the rants in this blog. But it won´t be just some blogsposts pasted together; also I intend to change and remodel some of them.  

Why should I buy a book if some of it will consist of what I´ve read here? 

Well, first of all, you don´t have to buy anything. Plus, as already stated, it won´t be a copy of the site, pure and simple, some posts will be modified and perhaps expanded. 

Another answer is, physical copy. You may want a piece of material that encapsulates this blog well enough, and doesn´t depend on pesky Google and Blogger giving you access to it through a web provider. I am almost a luddite in that I hate how technology is becoming insidious with each and every day, and those mega corporations have all our info, from the moment we log on, to basically forever (or whenever the hell they want to). So, why not have a physical copy of it? One you can pick up and do not depend on having access through an eletronic and web-based devices. 

If you don´t want to have a physical copy, I´ll try to adapt the content to an e-book format as well. 

Also, my first book on the subject, in Portuguese, 'A Ăšltima Filosofia: Um Ensaio sobre o Antinatalismo' will eventually also be translated to English as well, seeing as it is an important language to diffuse information. 

Thanks for reading.


College debt crisis and jobs in the U.S (and in the world...)

Looking around the web, can´t help not to read about the job/college situation in the U.S.A, where people graduate from college with supposedly crippling debt, and there are no jobs to boot. 

You got to wonder, this is a heck of a system, right? They create need that doesn´t needed to exist, and then the students pay an enormous amount of money just to end up in jobs that don´t need the bachelors they spend 4 years trying to achieve in the first place. This is considering they even manage to get a job.

There are literally hundreds, thousands even, of videos on youtube, bashing the educational system in the United States in regards to job acquisition and the student debt crisis. Various websites and videos from people in the country do a far better job than me in informing about it, so I´ll link some below. But isn´t it a mess? 

Of course, this is more about the situation in the U.S, because the anglophone web returns more of this type of information when I search about it, but other than the debt that students get from the loans they apply for, I think this can be more or less observed worldwide, or will be, eventually. Meaning, millenials - and the generation before that - are graduating college and then finding out that there isn´t enough jobs for them, let alone on the specific courses they choose to graduate from.  

And it is all, once again, in my opinion, a matter of too many people. In fact, I would dare say that many of the problems in modern societies is due to a lot of people existing. I had the chance to watch a special by the comedian Bill Burr the other day and he said, once again, in his words, that "85% of people should have to go". 

But let´s not get lost in this post trying to find a culprit to the problem. Burr is joking with the numbers, and I´m not saying here that some people should go and others should stay, but what I´m saying is - there are too many people, so there aren´t enough jobs. Plus the money, whatever symbol of wealth there is, is stretched thin, and you don´t have to be a genius to know why. 

Returning to the issue at hand, it is my opinion that people shouldn´t be expecting things to get better any time soon, at least not in the way things used to be. Things have changed, and society will need to adapt to the change. 

Some videos about this: 

You can find many other videos, such as these, on youtube. Plus, proably people in the United States, and even outside of it, are aware of this, but to people like me, that don´t live there, it´s about being informed from real people about the matter.

One other curious thing on this curious, messed up world that we live in.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This world is beyond saving.

When reading other types of websites with their specific creeds, far too often I get this same meme: 

"[...] have a greater goal to drive their actions and benefit the world around them."

"Men should create and do things that transform the world for the better..." 

People would do well to stop repeating these old foolish themes. I can understand the sentiment, but at the same time, there´s no freaking way people can get 7+ billion to work together in unisson, in regards to anything, ever. No politics, no environmental movements, nothing can prevent the demise of this world. 

Whenever I´m reading something else on the web that doesn´t quite subscribe to what is being discussed here and in other blogs, people always let this idea slip. Like "let´s save the Earth", or something to that effect. Save humanity, society, whatever. Like I said, I understand the sentiment, but I´m afraid it´s just not possible. 

And when I´m talking about the "world", I´m talking about the big picture, not about personal lives. Perhaps you who are reading me, have a swell life - a rather sheltered life it may be, but still -  perhaps you live in a western country, with all this talk of personal rights, freedom, labor laws, and all that. Those still get disrespected in a daily basis, but still, a bit better than, say, outright slavery, wouldn´t you say? Yeah, slavery, in a miriad of ways and forms happen to this day, in a lot of countries.

Not to mention the horrible diseases, accidents, corruption, crimes of various forms...

Forget about those lofty ideals.

This world, as it stands, is beyond saving. 
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